jingu batting centre

with takuma

taken by mackey


  1. wish we could see more of your face more often (;

  2. is this the famous brother? I've heard so much about him, he's better looking then i expected

  3. tell me. are you a dreamer? what do you have dreams about?
    everyone dreams, but yours i'm especially curious about.
    but then again maybe you think murakami is phony, but i believe in so much of what he has written, and infact some of his words have made it into my subconscious paralyzed self (dreams). perhaps this will be cliché to you, as i'm sure you get approached about things you'd rather not reveal, but you alone make my stomach this hopeful but anxious enlightenment thinking about the possibility of you reading this. a response doesn't quite matter, as i'm not looking for something more meaningful. which more than likely will go flagged as almost groupe type praise. the truth is that the way you seem makes my heart sink, how you could either be a completely humble person or a total fake loon like some famous people turn out. in short, after this useless virtual typing it would be nice to see someone like you become an inspiration for many. so long,


  4. Who is this in the picture? Blog?