1. How do you shoot at night without getting any noise? What cam do you use also?

  2. You take really nice pictures. :)

  3. hi sen may i know what camera and lens are you using? hope you dont mind sharing! :)

  4. S and X; this is taken with a canon 7D with iso of 1200 so it is actually fairly grainy. steady hands because the shutter speed is 1/15

    thankyou lisa.
    hello jamie from singapore


  5. steady model, too. the slow shutter must be why the smoke in #1 looks so smooth. it's gorgeous.

    just curious, but how many cameras do you own? I've seen you answer that question more than once, and it's almost as if you answer with a different camera each time.

  6. thank you, sen for your reply! are all your photos taken with 7D? what other cameras do you own? if i would like to take portraits of people's faces with quality like the photos on your blog, which canon camera and lens would you recommend me to buy?

  7. Hello Sen!! Aamazing pictures! Also.. have you ever been to England? Do you plan on coming here one day? :)

    イギリスから! ^_^

  8. Wow I really think you have a talent in photography. What do you use? Do you have Flickr account? I seriously love your work. I mean it!! Sharp, and honest. Bold and nice.

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