Graffiti. For so long the lonely forum of those with a message but no blackboard. So what's next? Is there a next? With a liberal amount of irony I sincerely hope that it's not blogs. A screenshot is not art. Some might argue that there is just too much bad spray to warrant the good stuff. I say practise makes perfect, support the process. Others might say that there is rarely a coherant or meaningful message. I say the action is the message and if you can't see the charm of passion before poise the fault is all yours. Long live graffiti, turn up the music


  1. You should write more often - you write really well :)


    Look her up, I think what she does and her message is amazing.

  3. eloquent defence. even the practiced and poised aren't always coherent and meaningful... it is purely subjective.

    art doesn't only belong behind glass or closed doors and the canvas can be anything. graffiti is no more offensive than, say, lady gaga...

  4. umm A you too should look at the link I could you compare lady gaga to something like faith47.... just saying. A message about the freedom from the apartheid and a message of sex they are not comparable.... even bansky has an interesting perspective and is serious about his art... I like Lady gaga for the way she has pushed fashion in new directions... but again I don't think one can just compare such broad subjects of "art."